Monday, April 17, 2017

N is for Nikabrik

My theme for the 2017 A to Z Blogging Challenge is The Chronicles of Narnia. These are my favorite stories and they continue to inspire me.

Nikabrik the Dwarf was a traitor to Prince Caspian and was killed when he tried to bring the White Witch back to life with the aid of a hag and a werewolf. 

"We want power; and we want a power that will be on our side. As for power, do not the stories say that the Witch defeated Aslan, and bound him, and killed him on that very stone table which is over there, just beyond the light?"
"But they also say that he came to life again," said the Badger sharply.
"Yes, they say," answered Nikabrik, "but you'll notice that we hear precious little about anything he did afterwards. He just fades out of the story. How do you explain that, if he really came to life? Isn't it much more likely that he didn't, and that the stories say nothing more about him because there was nothing more to say?"
- Prince Caspian

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